Ecrix debuts VXA line

Ecrix debuts VXA line

Earlier this month, start-up tape drive manufacturer Ecrix Corp. began shipping its VXA-1 drive. The drives, which are based on a new tape format, are available in internal and external configurations at 33GB and 12GB capacity points (uncompressed). Sustained transfer rates of up to 3MBps are possible without compression. First-generation products support SCSI-2 and have a 4Mbit data buffer.

Ecrix?s VXA technology features:

Y Discrete Packet Format (DPF), which organizes data into 1,024 (64-byte) highly segmented, unstructured packets.

Y OverScan Operation (OSO), which ensures that 100% of the recorded area is read by the drive?s four heads.

Y Variable Speed Operation (VSO), which enables the tape drive to continually adjust its speed to that of the host.

These technologies and the use of comparatively OoldO head, processor, and read-channels keep the cost of the drive down. Internal models list at $1,295. The cartridges retail for $79.95 (33GB) and $29.95 (12GB).


This article was originally published on March 01, 1999