Axis delivers network CD/DVD server

Axis delivers network CD/DVD server

Last month, Axis Communications introduced its AXIS StorPoint CD E100, a network- attached thin server designed to provide networked CD and DVD access without the need for a file server or PC.

Faster and more efficient data access speeds are achievable through CD E100?s support of hard disk caching. This process enables several CD/DVDs to be copied to a hard disk, which improves data access and increases the number of CD/DVDs available to network users. To further optimize performance, users have several options for their applications, including automatically partial cached (directory and file caching), mirrored (complete caching of CDs), or archived caching available from the hard disk only. Caching options, whether manually or automatically performed, are managed through a Web GUI.

The StorPoint CD E100 is powered in part by the ETRAX 100 RISC processor, which integrates the SCSI controller, processor and network interface card into one ASIC design. The board also contains 4MB of Flash memory and 32MB of RAM, expandable to 160MB. Pricing begins at $3,000.


This article was originally published on March 01, 1999