CMD revamps controller architecture

CMD revamps controller architecture

At the CeBIT show this month, CMD Technology announced its next-generation Titan RAID controller architecture, the successor to the company`s Viper architecture. Titan-based products are expected near the end of this summer.

The first product will be the CRA-7280 RAID controller, which supports both Fibre Channel and Ultra2 SCSI. Features include component and data path redundancy; a hot-pluggable redundant controller design; a 233MHz StrongARM processor; support for Ultra3 SCSI and Ultra/160m when those interfaces become available; CMD`s AutoRebind fail-back technology; two custom ASICs; and support for the SAF-TE and SES enclosure management protocols. The CRA-7280 is configured with two Fibre Channel host interfaces and eight Ultra2 LVD SCSI interfaces, and will support up to 112 disk drives and 1GB of cache. The controller also includes built-in hub functionality.

The CRA-7280 is expected to compete with controllers from vendors such as Chaparral, Infortrend and Mylex.

CMD claims a 400% performance improvement over its Viper-based controllers, although specific performance specs will not be released for a few months.

In addition to the 233MHz Strong ARM processor and CMD-designed ASICs (which manage failover, port I/O, redundancy and memory buffers), another key architectural feature of the controller is a dual internal bus design that includes a 64-bit and a 32-bit PCI bus. The CRA-7280 comes in a 19-inch 3U rackmount configuration. RAID levels supported include RAID 0, 0+1, 1 and 5.


This article was originally published on March 01, 1999