Network Integrity offers integrated backup solution for NT

Network Integrity offers integrated backup solution for NT

Network Integrity (Marlborough, MA) earlier this month unveiled LiveVault, an integrated continuous backup and storage system for Windows NT that leverages its Real-Time Replicator software, which was released in its current version last summer. "For the first time," says John Butler, president and CEO of Network Integrity, "a single software product delivers multiple solutions for the Windows NT enterprise, including continuous on-line backup, remote office backup, and WAN-based disaster protection."

LiveVault enables users to instantly restore open and closed data files and database applications at any point in time. It does so by capturing and replicating data at the byte--rather than the batch--level and then transferring that data to an "intelligent" three-tiered hierarchical storage archive, consisting of on-line disk, near-line tape library, and shelf storage. All active files are stored on disk, while current and recent data are copied to tape in "compact" media sets. This approach to data replication effectively eliminates the backup window and the need for full backups, while reducing network and server loads.

An Explorer-like viewing system enables users to locate current and previous versions of files. Additionally, a Time-Slice Restore feature presents users with a list of all backup versions, with the date and time of last save. The software also manages and keeps track of backup schedules and automatically makes duplicate copies of tapes for on-site and off-site storage.

Running LiveVault requires:

- A non-dedicated Windows NT 4.0 server

- An ADIC, HP, or Compaq tape library sized to 3X total storage

- Disk storage equal to one day`s incremental backup plus 25%

A typical configuration runs $2,000 per backed up server and $3,000 for each LiveVault storage server. www.netint.com.

This article was originally published on March 01, 1999