Storage vendors support Linux

Storage vendors support Linux

Dave Simpson

In good news for the 24 million users of Linux, a wide variety of storage vendors recently announced support for the alternative operating system. For example, disk controller manufacturers such as Adaptec, AMI, DPT, ICP vortex, and Mylex have all announced Linux drivers, in some cases across their entire line of controllers.

On the tape front, Tandberg Data is supporting Linux on its SLR drives and libraries. In tests conducted by Tandberg using Linux and Knox Software?s Arkeia 4.0, the Linux-based backup was approximately 25% faster than NT-based backup in the same configuration.

Last month, Spectra Logic added hot Oracle backup support for Linux to its Alexandria Backup and Archival Librarian software. (At about the same time, Sterling Software announced its intention to purchase Spectra Logic?s Alexandria business. See news story in this issue.) Alexandria 4.5 with support for Oracle on Linux is currently available for Red Hat Linux 5.2. Versions for Linux implementations from Caldera and SuSE are expected in the next few months.

At the disk subsystem level, MTI Technology and Caldera Systems (one of the leading Linux developers and distributors) are expected to introduce within the next month the integration of Caldera?s OpenLinux 1.3 with MTI?s Gladiator series of RAID arrays. Last month, MTI signed a letter of intent to purchase up to a 20% equity interest in Caldera. MTI also announced that it will use Linux as a foundation for developing products with support for HTTP, remote mirroring, clustering, and file services such as NFS and AFS.

Together with announcements of Linux support from major systems vendors such as Compaq, Hewlett-Packard and IBM, the support of Linux by storage vendors is evidence that the open source operating system may be gaining momentum in enterprises. To date, Linux has been largely relegated to small ISPs, the technical community and small businesses.

This article was originally published on April 01, 1999