Ciprico adds RAID to FibreSTORE arrays

Ciprico adds RAID to FibreSTORE arrays

Shown at this month`s NAB show, and scheduled for volume shipments next month, Ciprico`s FibreSTORE RAID is a RAID implementation in the company`s line of FibreSTORE disk arrays, which already includes JBOD configurations. The arrays feature end-to-end (e.g., host and drive level) Fibre Channel.

Targeted primarily at streaming applications such as visual computing, digital media, and video servers, the RAID array comes with one or two controllers and supports more than 100 Fibre Channel disk drives, sustainable data rates of almost 200MBps (with the active-active dual controller option), and 128MB of cache memory per controller. Capacity ranges from 144GB to 2TB with 36GB drives.

Up to 16 independent five-disk or nine-disk volumes can be defined per subsystem. Redundant components include power supplies, fans, and controllers. The RAID arrays are compatible with Windows NT, Sun, and Silicon Graphics platforms.

Pricing starts at $70,000 for a 288GB configuration with one controller, and ranges up to $300,000 for a 2TB dual-controller version.


This article was originally published on April 01, 1999