Exabytes X200 library is SAN-ready

Exabyte`s X200 library is SAN-ready

Exabyte has designed its X200 library--the first Mammoth library in its Arrowhead family--to work in storage area network takes up to 10 Mammoth tape drives and from 40 to 200 170m EXA TAPE cartridges. Initially, the library will ship with Mammoth-1 drives, for a capacity of 8TB and a transfer rate of 60MBps, assuming 2:1 compression. Equipped with Mammoth-2 drives, the library`s capacity jumps to 30TB, with a 300MBps transfer rate (with 2.5:1 compression). Other library features include multi-drive capability, shared parts and FRUs across the Arrowhead family, Ethernet port for browser-based management, five-cartridge entry/exit port with removable magazine for off-line storage, and dedicated cleaning port. The library starts at $34,985 for 40 slots and two drives, and goes up to $97,920 for 200 slots and 20 drives.

Separately, Exabyte also announced the immediate availability of Mammoth-LT. With 14GB of native capacity and a 2MBps native throughput, this "lite" drive is earmarked for Exabyte 8505XL and Eliant 820 users looking to migrate to the Mammoth product line. The new drive is backward compatible with those formats and will be automated in Exabyte`s EZ17 Mammoth Autoloader.

"The Mammoth-LT," says Courtney Runnells, Mammoth-LT product marketing manager, "expands the Exabyte family of tape drives to allow for smooth migration from Exabyte 8505XL and Eliant 820 drives to the higher-capacity, higher-performing Mammoth."

This article was originally published on April 01, 1999