STKs ExPR tracks tape performance

STK`s ExPR tracks tape performance

Expert Performance Reporter 3.0 (ExPR) is one of several products announced by Storage Technology last month. ExPR provides real-time performance and ongoing analysis of tape subsystem activity. The software works with StorageTek`s entire line of high-end tape drives, including the recently announced 9840, as well as non-StorageTek manual tape products (automated support is in the works). The software is also integrated into the company`s Virtual Storage Manager (VSM), a virtual tape system that combines tape, disk, and software to manage data access, retrieval, and migration. Pricing starts at $17,500.

In a separate release, StorageTek introduced PowerBak server, which brings secure backup-and-restore capabilities to remote networks and PCs. With PowerBak, users schedule routine backups through modem or Internet access. PowerBak creates a mirror image of a remote user`s PC hard drive. After the first use, only files that have changed are backed up. All system software is maintained by IT staff at the corporate location, not by remote users.

PowerBak is currently available in an appliance version, which includes a server, STK disk/tape storage, and software at a cost of $295,000 per 1,000 users. A utility version for small/medium-size companies will be available soon through various Internet service providers on a subscription basis. Its fee: $19.95 per user.

On the e-mail front, StorageTek unveiled the MessageVault system, an integrated hardware/software solution for archiving and retrieving electronic messages. Message-Vault is available in two configurations. A server edition is geared to highly regulated industries, such as financial securities, that by law must retain all e-mail documents; the client version is more lax, giving users control over which messages they archive. Both systems include STK`s 9730 DLT tape library, RAID storage, NT and Unix servers, and Application Storage Manager software. The server edition also includes Excalibur index, search, and retrieval software.

Both versions currently work with Microsoft Exchange; support for Lotus Notes is expected in the next quarter. Pricing starts at $320,000 for the server edition, $186,000 for client versions.


This article was originally published on April 01, 1999