ADIC introduces 22-cartridge autoloader

ADIC introduces 22-cartridge autoloader

ADIC`s FastStor 22 supports up to 22 DLTtape cartridges, and lists for $7,995 to $11,150, depending on the number of tapes and drive type (DLT4000, 7000, and later SuperDLT. A fully configured 1x22 DLT7000 model provides up to 1.5TB of compressed capacity, at 0.7 cents per MB.

Says Steve Whitner, ADIC`s marketing director, "We`ve brought the per-MB cost of entry-level storage down to that of data center products." ADIC`s Scalar 1000 library (2x158) goes for 0.6 cents per MB.

The FastStor 22 leverages the architecture of the FastStor 7. Features include an upgradeable drive sled, a dynamic sensor for real-time slot status, and FastExchange service for next-day replacement. Unique to the FastStor 22 is its 22-cartridge capacity (a 23rd slot provides import/export functionality), 16-tape and 20-tape emulation for software licensing purposes, and direct rack mounting. Shipments are expected early next month.


This article was originally published on April 01, 1999