Mylex intros RAID management tools

Mylex intros RAID management tools

Aiming to simplify RAID configuration, Mylex Corp. last month unveiled its RAID EzAssist software. Mylex officials maintain that novice users are able to automatically install and configure RAID systems by answering simple questions. RAID EzAssist then automatically configures the RAID array to the proper balance of storage capacity, data availability, fault tolerance, and I/O performance based on the user`s environment. RAID EzAssist resides on the RAID controller, which enables users to configure arrays without having to use the server operating system. RAID EzAssist is included with Mylex`s RAID controller line, including the AcceleRAID family, eXtremeRAID, DAC PG and DAC PJ.

In the third quarter, Mylex plans to ship Web Array Manager, a Java-based enterprise RAID management application that enables network managers to monitor, tune and configure network storage from Netscape, Microsoft and Java Virtual Machine Web browsers. Web Array Manager allows IS staff to remotely manage several aspects of their enterprise RAID systems, including RAID configuration, controller performance, and I/O bottlenecks. The software also supports online capacity expansion and RAID level migration, failover/failback, PCI hot plug, and drive cloning.


This article was originally published on April 01, 1999