Chaparral ships FC-SCSI router Demonstrated at this months Networld+

Chaparral ships FC-SCSI router Demonstrated at this month`s Networld+

Interop show, Chaparral Technologies` FS1310 is a Fibre Channel to Ultra2 SCSI router for applications such as server clustering, remote vaulting, and backup/restore. Designed for disk, tape, or optical subsystems, the FS1310 delivers more than 90MBps and 8,000 I/Os per second, according to company officials. The routers come with one Fibre Channel port and three Ultra2 SCSI (LVD) channels. Ultra2 LVD SCSI provides cable lengths of up to 12 meters and support for 15 devices per bus. The FS1310D version of the router uses the 40MBps Ultra Wide SCSI interface in a high-voltage differential (HVD) implementation.

The need for Fibre Channel to SCSI routers is expected to increase as new tape technologies--such as AIT-2, Mammoth-2, SuperDLT, and LTO--gain acceptance.

The FS1310 incorporates Intelliguard`s Celestra technology for "serverless" backup across storage area networks (SANs). (Legato recently acquired Intelliguard.) The FS1310 is priced at $8,495.

Separately, Chaparral began shipments of two external RAID controllers in its K-Series family. Both come in a 5.25-inch half-height "canister" form factor. The K7413 ($4,195) is a Fibre Channel to Ultra2 SCSI RAID controller. The K5412 ($3,360) is an Ultra2 to Ultra2 SCSI controller. www.chaparraltec.com.

This article was originally published on May 01, 1999