Procom augments NAS servers

Procom augments NAS servers

Procom Technology recently began shipments of the NetFORCE 2500 and 2600 Symmetric Fault Tolerant (SFT) network-attached storage (NAS) servers. Starting at prices as low as $0.20 per MB, the servers-- or "filers"--feature redundant hardware components and a software architecture that supports transparent hot failover for both the RAID and server parts of the subsystem.

The servers are based on Procom`s "data pump" software technology, a slimmed-down operating system optimized for I/O operations. The operating system is coupled to a 64-bit journaling file system. The UltraWide SCSI RAID system includes active-active controllers. The company claims more than 7,500 I/Os per second with sub-10msec access times.

The 2500 includes five ten-bay drive units for a maximum capacity of 900GB. The 2600 provides up to 1.8TB.

Separately, Procom expanded its NetFORCE 100 with a 150GB rackmount version. www.procom.com.

This article was originally published on May 01, 1999