Seagate debuts Scorpion 40

Seagate debuts Scorpion 40

With the Scorpion 40 DAT drive, Seagate extends its line of digital data storage (DDS) products. The fourth-generation DDS drive boosts transfer rates to 2.75MBps native--twice the speed of current models--and capacity to 20GB native. The drive features Ultra2 Wide SCSI LVD connectivity. A "look-aside" technique isolates the SCSI interface from the data compression engine by means of an SDRAM buffer. This design enables the SCSI bus to operate at bursts of up to 80MBps and maximizes the drive`s ability to continue streaming when the bus is busy with another device.

For greater reliability, Seagate sealed the head-to-tape interface chamber to prevent airflow where the head and media come in contact, and added a sapphire cleaning blade to remove dust from the media before it comes in contact with the head. Seagate reports a 20% to 50% improvement in MTBF, to 400,000 hours, with these design changes. Also, a flying preamplifier improves the drive`s signal-to-noise ratio.

The drive will be available next quarter for less than $1,000. It comes bundled with Seagate`s Backup Exec software (under the name TapeStor DAT 40) for single-server NT and NetWare environments. www.seagate.com.

This article was originally published on May 01, 1999