IBM doubles Magstar?s capacity

IBM doubles Magstar?s capacity

To meet the evolving needs of enterprise users, IBM last month announced that its next-generation Magstar 3590-E tape drive will provide twice the capacity of current models, and will be 50% faster. The drive began shipping this month.

IBM boosts uncompressed capacity from 10GB to 20GB by writing and reading data to 256 tracks. Transfer rates increase from 9MBps to 14MBps uncompressed.

Magstar 3590-E drives are backward read-compatible with cartridges written on Magstar 3590 drives. IBM says the capacity of the older cartridges can be potentially doubled when used with the E-Model drive.

IBM?s Magstar 3590 Tape Subsystem, Magstar 3590 Silo Compatible Subsystem, and Mag-star 3494 Automated Tape Library all support the new drive. www.ibm.com/storage.

This article was originally published on May 01, 1999