Lucent + Siros = 200Gb/in2

Lucent + Siros = 200Gb/in2

By Dave Simpson

Lucent Technologies (Murray Hill, NJ) and Siros Technologies (San Jose, CA) last month entered into a deal to develop optical storage technology based on Lucent`s very-small-aperture laser (VSAL) technology. Coupled with Siros` 3D recording (3DR) technology, the companies hope to produce optical drives with areal densities of 200Gbits per square inch. 3DR uses a third dimension--depth --to store data in "virtual" layers on a recording medium.

Developed at Lucent`s Bell Labs, VSAL is based on "near-field" recording and uses a laser aperture that is only 50 nanometers wide. Siros (formerly Optitek Inc.) has exclusive rights to the technology, while Lucent receives an undisclosed equity stake in Siros. Executives from both companies declined to speculate on when the technology would lead to products.

This article was originally published on May 01, 1999