Fujifilm first with DDS-4 data cartridge

Fujifilm first with DDS-4 data cartridge

Last month, Fuji Photo Film began manufacturing media for next-generation DDS-4 drives. The cartridges are based on Fujifilm`s ATOMM (Advanced super-Thin layer and high-Output Metal Media) technology--the foundation of DDS-3, DLTtape IV, Zip 100 and 250, and HiFD media. The DDS-4 cartridge features:

- High-density recording: Coated in an ultra-thin layer via the ATOMM coating technology, superFine Metallix magnetic particles provide stable, high-density recording.

- Reliability and durability: A lower, non-magnetic coating layer cushions the upper magnetic layer for better head contact. It also functions as a "reservoir" for lubricants to be supplied to the magnetic layer.

- Reduced spacing loss: An extra-smooth coating on the lower layer makes the finish on the upper magnetic layer mirror smooth. This minimizes spacing loss, which occurs from less-than-full contact of the head and tape.

- High-rigidity cartridge: The DDS-4 tape is encased in a high-rigidity cartridge. Additionally, a 4S structure (Symmetric Slider Spring Structure) makes for smoother slider movement.

The DDS-4 cartridges have a manufacturer`s list price of $57.80. www.fujifilm.com.

This article was originally published on June 01, 1999