Ark Research intros remote mirroring appliance

Ark Research intros remote mirroring appliance

Ark Research is now shipping the Ark/2000 series of platform-independent server appliances designed to provide remote and local mirroring and other backup capabilities for enterprise and e-commerce storage environments.

In addition to its claim of being the only storage control product to offer real-time platform- and OS-independent data duplication and access over an existing WAN, company officials say the Ark/2000 also provides data backups, database centralization and warehousing, data sharing and non-disruptive data migration.

A disaster-tolerance system is implemented for network users upon installation of two or more Ark/2000 appliances. The Ark/2000 also provides easy installation to any file-server-based network for automatic and simultaneous data writes to both a primary and a secondary storage device that can be installed locally or remotely.

Installed on a LAN or WAN between the host/server and any storage device, Ark/2000 can be linked by SCSI connections or via Fibre Channel, T1 or T3. Currently available through distributors, VARs, and integrators, Ark/2000 pricing starts at $14,995.


This article was originally published on July 01, 1999