Compaq expands StorageWorks line

Compaq expands StorageWorks line

Last month, Compaq added two tape libraries and an autoloader to its StorageWorks family of backup solutions, targeting small- and medium-size businesses. The three products are based on technology from Overland Data and are part of Compaq`s Enterprise Network Storage Architecture (ENSA).

For organizations with medium to large databases, Compaq introduced the TL891 DLT Mini-Library. The TL891 can be configured with one or two 35GB DLT drives for up to 6.3TB of capacity, and features a maximum throughput of 180GB/hour. It is available for Compaq ProLiant and AlphaServer systems, as well as other Intel-based Windows NT servers running NT, NetWare, OpenVMS, Tru64 Unix, Solaris, and AIX. The base price is $13,359.

For smaller database applications, Compaq unveiled the TL881 DLT Mini-Library, which uses 20GB DLT drives for 400GB to 3.6TB of capacity. The mini-library supports Compaq ProLiant servers running Windows NT or NetWare, and uses Seagate Backup Exec software for management. It starts at $9,090.

Also available is a 12GB Digital Audio Tape (DAT-DDS3) 8 Cassette Autoloader. Geared toward remote-office use, the autoloader features 8.4GB/hour throughput and a compressed capacity of 192GB. It supports Compaq ProLiant and AlphaServer systems; ArcserveIt and Backup Exec provide management capabilities. The internal configuration is tagged at $2,500; an external version lists for $2,730.


This article was originally published on July 01, 1999