HP announces next-generation DDS/Travan drives

HP announces next-generation DDS/Travan drives

This fall, Hewlett-Packard will begin volume shipments of two follow-on tape drives: HP SureStore DDS-4 DAT40 and HP Colorado 20GBi/e. Designed for small to medium-size networks, SureStore DAT40 is based on drive specifications developed by the DDS Manufacturers` Group, of which HP, Seagate, and Sony are members.

The SureStore DAT40 features the DDS-4 standard 40GB of capacity, but has a 3MBps data transfer rate. "At 3MBps, SureStore DAT40 is up to 30 minutes faster than competing DDS-4 drives," claims Brid O`Connail, product manager at HP.

Also unique to the HP drive is One-Button Disaster Recovery--a feature HP claims simplifies the restore process and reduces overall recovery time to just minutes. Like Seagate and Sony, HP has modified the drive`s design for improved reliability. Pricing is not available.

With the announcement of the Colorado 20GBi/e drive early next month, HP says it will also have the fastest IDE Travan drive on the market. The desktop drive features a 110MB/min transfer rate, 20GB of capacity, and Media Monitor software, which warns users of faulty media. Estimated street prices start at $259.


This article was originally published on July 01, 1999