Exabyte repositions, targets SANs

Exabyte repositions, targets SANs

Dave Simpson

In an attempt to reinvent itself as something more than just a tape drive/library supplier, Exabyte recently announced the NetStorM (Network Storage Management) SAN program, which relies heavily on channel partnerships. However, like all vendors trying to capitalize on the trend toward SANs, Exabyte faces a tough challenge in trying to distinguish itself from other SAN players.

"Software is our key differentiator," claims Steve Georgis, director of technology and business development at Exabyte. "We`re enabling resellers to integrate SAN hardware, as well as application and management software, and services and support."

Exabyte has developed Web-based remote management software that, in its initial release, will enable users to launch management programs from other SAN-device vendors.

In future releases, all SAN management will be integrated in one package, according to Georgis. NetStorM 1.0 software begins shipping this month at a suggested price of $9,995 per SAN.

The Java-based software is part of an overall SAN package that includes Exabyte`s Arrowhead tape libraries and Fibre Channel-to-SCSI routers (which are based on Crossroads technology), and networking hardware and backup software from third parties. Exabyte is training its channel partners to provide integration services.

Exabyte has lined up more than 20 channel partners, including integrators such as Andataco, Avcom, Datalink, Rorke Data, and Tape Labs. Technology partners include Emulex and Qlogic for host bus adapters; Brocade, Gadzoox, and Vixel for Fibre Channel hubs and switches; Tivoli for systems management; and backup software vendors Computer Associates, Legato, and Veritas.

This article was originally published on July 01, 1999