Compaq addresses high availability

Compaq addresses high availability

Zachary Shess

Compaq continued to fine-tune its Enterprise Network Storage Architecture (ENSA) last month by adding performance and availability features geared for high-availability environments.

For example, Compaq added redundant controllers to the StorageWorks RAID Array 4000. The array can be equipped with dual Fibre Channel host adapters as a single-server option for redundant paths to and from the array. Software for NT or NetWare server clusters is included.

Compaq also introduced the Smart Array 4200 controller for workgroup and department ProLiant servers as well as the StorageWorks RAID Array 4000. It supports up to 56 drives and four Ultra2 SCSI channels, offering 320MBps bandwidth. The 4200 controller provides four times the performance of the Smart Array 3200, according to company officials.

Compaq also announced features for remote storage and disaster recovery. By adding Finisar Corp.`s Optical Link Extender to the StorageWorks Data Replication Manager suite, users can now duplicate data at sites separated by up to 40 kilometers (about 25 miles).

With the StorageWorks Data Replication Manager, two production sites can maintain their own storage and replicate data over the same storage area network (SAN). The software now supports Microsoft Cluster Server with up to two dual-node clusters for Windows NT/Intel systems, and OpenVMS clusters with up to four nodes. Support for Tru64 Unix, Solaris, and Windows NT for AlphaServer systems is due later this year.

A base StorageWorks RAID Array 4000 with dual adapters, controllers and cluster kit is expected to retail for around $17,000. The Smart Array 4200 controller starts at $2,200. StorageWorks Data Replication Manager is $20,800 per controller. The Optical Link Extender is available from Finisar.

This article was originally published on August 01, 1999