Project StoreX named Jiro

Project StoreX named Jiro

Dave Simpson

Sun Microsystems` initiative for a Java/Jini-based storage management initiative, formerly code-named Project StoreX, has been formally named Jiro (pronounced "gyro," as in "gyroscope"). The formal naming reflects increased interest in the standard among the vendor community.

According to Denise Shiffman, director of content services at Sun, the roster of vendors that have publicly stated support for Jiro now numbers 31 companies. The most recent supporters include BMC Software and Seagate. Noticeable absentees include Compaq, EMC, Hewlett-Packard, and IBM.

The Jiro draft specification was released for participant review last month. A version for public review was expected by the end of this month. The spec is being developed under the Java Community Process.

The proposed standard is platform-independent and is designed to facilitate development of applications for managing disparate networked storage devices, applications and services. (For more details, see InfoStor, February, p. 1, or visit www.sun.com/jiro. To view the spec, go to www.jiro.com).

This article was originally published on August 01, 1999