Ancot analyzer supports Ultra3, Ultra160/m

Ancot analyzer supports Ultra3, Ultra160/m

Ancot`s Ultra2160 SCSI Analyzer supports all of the Ultra3 SCSI specifications, including the subset commonly referred to as Ultra160/m. Analyzer features include a large trace memory (up to 16 million events); WarpSearch hardware search engine; control and operation over Ethernet and the Internet via a browser interface; and double-clocked timing resolution of four nanoseconds. Prices start at $6,995.

The higher speed of Ultra3 SCSI (160MBps) is achieved by "double transition" data transfers, which transfer data on both the rising and falling edges of the REQ/ACK handshake signals. Ultra3 adds a number of additional features, including cyclic redundancy check (CRC) error checking, domain validation, packetized SCSI, parallel protocol request (PPR), and quick arbitration and selection (QAS).


This article was originally published on August 01, 1999