Pioneer partners with Axis for NAS

Pioneer partners with Axis for NAS

Pioneer New Media Technologies has partnered with Axis Communications to produce the DRM-6NX, a network-attached storage (NAS) CD-ROM cache changer. The DRM-6NX combines a network interface, six-disc CD-ROM changer and hard drive caching. The changer incorporates Axis` StorPoint CD E100 thin server and customized operating system, which eliminates the need for a standard file server.

Targeting departmental workgroups, the DRM-6NX ($2,495) provides access to as many as 14 CD-ROMs, and includes a number of hard-disk caching options. The standard disk drive is a 5.1GB IDE device that caches up to eight discs. Using a SCSI expansion port, any combination of up to five additional devices can be connected, including CD-ROM disc changers, DVD-ROM drives, or external SCSI hard drives. Additional six-disc magazines are priced at $25.


This article was originally published on August 01, 1999