AMS announces network CD/DVD-ROM server

AMS announces network CD/DVD-ROM server

Advanced Media Services recently unveiled the DakotaROM-SP, a network-attached CD/DVD-ROM caching server. Based on Axis Communications` Storpoint CD E100 thin server engine, the DakotaROM-SP connects directly to the network, offering simultaneous client access to CD/DVD-ROM libraries at disk drive speeds.

The server provides two levels of hard disk caching. Performance caching enables users to cache all the directories and files, or the directory structure and a designated portion of the CD/DVD-ROM, to the hard disk for faster access. Archive caching gives users the ability to create a complete image of a CD/DVD-ROM disc onto a hard disk and then remove it from the drive reader, enabling users to image as many CD-ROMs as the hard disk capacity allows.

Equipped with a 32-bit, 100Mhz RISC processor and up to 160MB of RAM, a DakotaROM-SP 300 desktop model has 36GB capacity that can serve more than 56 full-capacity CDs. Pricing starts at $2,750.


This article was originally published on August 01, 1999