Auspex augments sharing software

Auspex augments sharing software

Last month, Auspex Systems started shipping NeTservices 2.0, its Unix/NT data sharing suite for the company`s 4Front NS2000 Enterprise array. By using NeTservices 2.0, administrators only need to manage one physical copy of the data, even with Unix and Windows NT clients concurrently sharing files.

Designed for heterogeneous environments, the NS2000 array equipped with NeTservices 2.0 offers concurrent operation of CIFS and NFS protocols. The software streamlines administration by not requiring additional overhead of per-client administration. Security issues are answered in part by adding file-locking mechanisms. The software can be configured as a primary domain controller, backup domain controller, or member server. NeTservices 2.0 may be used with other Auspex management products, including NDMP, DataXcelerator Engines and standard UNIX backup utilities. NeTservices starts at $18,000.


This article was originally published on August 01, 1999