MTI integrates SAN bundle

MTI integrates SAN bundle

Following the trend toward RAID vendors providing integrated storage area network (SAN) configurations, MTI Technology is offering the NorthStar series, which combines Fibre Channel switched fabric technology and management services with the company`s Gladiator 6700 RAID arrays. Taking a page from EMC`s book, MTI is offering a number of software and firmware features, including:

•DataAssure, which protects host/array data integrity.

•WriteGard, which ensures writes in progress are completed in the event of a power interruption.

•DataSheild volume mapping to allow the array to be partitioned into smaller units assigned to separate servers.

•DataSentry data replication software, which is based on Legato code.

The NorthStar arrays are priced from $129,000 to $400,000 for a 3TB configuration.


This article was originally published on September 01, 1999