Vitesse ships repeater/retimer

Vitesse ships repeater/retimer

This month, Vitesse Semiconductor began shipments of a repeater/retimer that includes an integrated port bypass circuit (PBC) for developers of Fibre Channel JBOD and RAID disk arrays. The VSC7127 allows for configuration of the integrated clock recover unit (CRU) as a repeater or retimer with the flick of a mode pin. Benefit: existing multiple-chip designs can have both modes of operation without requiring redesign.

In repeater mode, recovered data is retransmitted to a recovered clock, allowing for improved jitter attenuation and low latency. In retimer mode, recovered data is retransmitted synchronously to a local reference clock with no jitter transfer. The VSC7127 includes six PBCs.

Other features include analog/digital signal detect and on-chip transmit termination. Sample quantities are priced at $9 per unit in quantities of 5,000.


This article was originally published on September 01, 1999