ATL announces Fibre Channel options

ATL announces Fibre Channel options

ATL recently announced three Fibre Channel solutions in support of its Network Storage Systems strategy: 1) an embedded, factory-installed Fibre Channel interface option for its P1000 and P3000 series, 2) a Fibre Channel field upgrade kit for existing P1000 and P3000 libraries, and 3) a Crossroad`s 4200 external Fibre Channel bridge for its non-PRISM-based PowerStor L200, PowerStor L500, 520 series, 7100 series, and 2640 series.

The P1000/P3000 solution is designed to connect to Fibre Channel loop or switched-fabric topologies in a SAN. It supports standard multi-mode (short-wave) optical fiber cabling for distances of up to 500m between the library and the host (or hub or switch).

The field upgrade kit, meanwhile, makes it possible to connect field-installed P1000/P3000 libraries to a Fibre Channel network via multi-mode optical cabling. This allows the libraries to be connected to a number of file or application servers for significantly faster backup speeds.

Lastly, the external bridge connects ATL legacy SCSI-based libraries to SANs. The bridge connects two differential SCSI busses to one Fibre Channel connection using multi-mode optical cabling.


This article was originally published on September 01, 1999