Sutmyn enhances virtual tape products

Sutmyn enhances virtual tape products

Sutmyn last month announced the general availability of two enhancements to its Scimitar/VTS and VTSE packages. Release VTS 3.8 now comes standard with Performance Maximizer and support for eight ESCON channels. Additionally, all VTS groups are licensed to support 8 ESCON channels. Upgrades are available for installed systems.

When used in combination, Sutmyn claims the two enhancements can increase Scimitar`s performance by more than 160% over initial Scimitar systems. This improvement translates into user time-savings and improved data access, allowing broader application support, including batch, data center consolidation, data center migration, and disaster recovery.

Scimitar supports cache sizes up to 3TB for a variety of other applications, such as HSM, TMM replacement, and tape-free incremental or full backup solutions.


This article was originally published on September 01, 1999