Kodak unveils new optical media

Kodak unveils new optical media

Eastman Kodak introduced a series of new CD-R and DVD media last month. The Kodak CD-R Ultima 80-minute CD can store up to 700MB of data per disc, exceeding typical CD capacity by 50MB. In mode 1, the CD can handle up to 86 minutes of digital audio. Orange Book-compliant, the CD-R disc employs Kodak`s InfoGuard protection system, a coating that resists damage from scratches, dirt, or other handling problems.

Kodak`s new DVD-R media can be played in all DVD-ROM and video drives. The single-sided disc holds 3.95GB. Rewritable Kodak DVD-RAM media is double-sided with a capacity of up to 2.6GB per side. Both DVD media formats are available worldwide.

The 80-minute CD-R is available in the United States and Europe, with further worldwide distribution expected by the end of the year.


This article was originally published on September 01, 1999