KOM uses NTFS for optical management

KOM uses NTFS for optical management

Last month, KOM Inc. released version 3.6 of its OptiStorm optical jukebox management software, which is designed specifically for Windows NT. The software is integrated as a device driver, taking advantage of the NT File System (NTFS), as opposed to a proprietary file system. New features in the 3.6 version include enhancements in WORM handling, mount point support, speed, and restricted-write functionality. OptiStorm works with virtually all types of optical drives and media, and has client support for Windows, Unix and Macintosh platforms. A caching system can use RAID, IDE, or SCSI partitions, and provides two levels of hierarchical storage management (HSM).

Also last month, KOM released OptiLogger AVCON (Audio Video Control) for Windows NT, which is used for capturing and archiving data from multiple streams, such as audio and video.

Each client can gather up to 64 channel streams, and data is archived to one or more servers, which automatically migrate data to optical jukeboxes.


This article was originally published on September 01, 1999