Vixel hub provides zoning

Vixel hub provides zoning

Last month, Vixel introduced the model 2100 Zoning Managed Hub, which includes zoning capability for up to four independent Fibre Channel loops. With zoning, which is common with switches, any port can be assigned to any loop. Due to the independence of each zone, a loop initialization primitive (LIP) in one zone does not affect applications running in other zones--a common problem with arbitrated loop configurations. Additionally, devices can be added or removed from the hub without disruption. Zoning also facilitates support of multiple operating systems in loop configurations.

The 2100 features eight GBIC ports and a total throughput of up to 4Gbps. In contrast, a single-loop hub requires all devices to share the same 1Gbps bandwidth. Other features include re-timing circuitry, integrated hub management, and port-level diagnostics.

Vixel also introduced Version 2.2 of its SAN InSite management software. The new version is based on Java, and supports Windows NT, Solaris, and Linux. SAN InSite can be used to manage Vixel`s hubs--including the 2100--switches and transceivers.

Until December 31, the 2100 is priced at $3,495; after that, $3,995. www.vixel.com.

This article was originally published on October 01, 1999