Hitachis 2.5" drives pack 18GB

Hitachi`s 2.5" drives pack 18GB

Within the next month, Hitachi America Ltd. is expected to begin shipping 2.5-inch disk drives with capacities of 6GB to 18.1GB. The DK23AA family includes three 9.5mm-height drives (6GB to 12GB) and a 12.7mm-height 18.1GB version. All of the drives feature giant magneto-resistive (GMR) heads and Hitachi`s Modified Extended Extended Partial Response Maximum Likelihood (MEEPRML) read channels, which support an areal recording density of 10.79Gb per square inch.

Other features include a 4,200rpm spin rate, internal data transfer rates ranging from 12.4MBps to 20.6MBps, average seek time of 12ms, and a maximum external data transfer rate of 66.6MBps using the ATA-5 interface. www.hitachi.co.jp.

This article was originally published on October 01, 1999