Overland libraries support Celestra

Overland libraries support Celestra

Overland Data`s full line of libraries, including the low-end LoaderXpress and high-end EnterpriseXpress, have been certified to support Legato`s Celestra agent architecture, which enables server-less backup.

Celestra improves backup recovery performance and data movement efficiency by moving data directly from disk to tape across a SAN without interfering with normal server operations (see September`s Special Report, pp. 16-20). Celestra incorporates SNIA`s data-movement specification, known as third-party copy, and works with all NDMP-compliant backup software.

Overland`s libraries scale from 525GB of native capacity up to 7TB. The EnterpriseXpress has an accessory slot that allows users to add Fibre Channel bridges or specialized servers for SAN and NAS attachment. www.overlanddata.com.

This article was originally published on October 01, 1999