Xiotech partners with Symantec on scale-out NAS

By Dave Simpson

– Xiotech made product announcements at both the Symantec Vision conference and the Storage Networking World (SNW) show this week.

Today, Xiotech announced a scale-out NAS system that will combine Symantec's FileStore file-serving software with Xiotech's Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) blades. The combination, dubbed ISE NAS, of Symantec's FileStore clustered file system and Xiotech's storage blades can scale up to 16 nodes, or 2PB of capacity in a single cluster.

The ability to manage scale-out NAS clusters has been built into the 4.0 version of Xiotech's ICON Manager software. (For more information on ICON Manager, see the openBench Labs review, "Simpler storage management for VOEs.")

ISE NAS will be available from Xiotech's channel partners in June.

At the SNW show this week, Xiotech introduced its CorteX API, which is based on a RESTful API and provides an interface for applications to communicate with Xiotech's ISE building blocks. The API allows applications to control, and get information from, individual ISEs, and covers volume management and physical configuration, status and performance.

"CorteX provides a simple way to integrate the storage and other infrastructure resources into the application stack," says Brian Reagan, Xiotech's senior vice president of marketing and business development. "It allows applications to directly communicate with the storage blades."

In addition to being used internally by Xiotech to develop management applications (such as Virtual View 2.0, which simplifies virtual server provisioning and storage allocation), CorteX can be used by third-party app developers, resellers and Xiotech customers that want to roll their own management applications. Xiotech also launched a CorteX Developer Community this week.

The recent announcements are part of what Xiotech refers to as Intelligent Application Storage architecture, which encompasses the company's ISE, ICON Manager and CorteX technologies.

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This article was originally published on April 13, 2010