Digi-Data extends FC RAID controllers

Digi-Data extends FC RAID controllers

The Z-9500 Plus series of RAID controllers from Digi-Data feature Fibre Channel switch connectivity and LUN/WWN (World Wide Name) masking for access control and security. The series is available in RAID-3 or RAID-3/5 implementations, with one or two Fibre Channel host connection ports. Features include six disk channels, hardware parity generation, disk failure detection/reconstruction, support for up to 3TB, and a sustained throughput of more than 60MBps in a five-drive configuration.

Digi-Data has also added a Permanent Battery Backup feature that protects data in a RAID array if the power fails. The hardware/firmware combination is an alternative to battery-backed cache implementations.


This article was originally published on November 01, 1999