Ancor FC switches target the high end

Ancor FC switches target the high end

Ancor Communication earlier this month announced two high-end additions to its line of Fibre Channel switches, or directors. ("Director" is a term borrowed from the ESCON mainframe market and generally refers to a high-end switch with full fault-tolerant features.) A 64-port SANbox Director is due in the first quarter (and was demonstrated at this month`s Comdex show), while a 128-port director is scheduled for mid-2000 delivery.

The switches will support both private and public loops, and come with Ancor`s Web-based SANsurfer fabric management software. Ancor claims that its four-port ASICs reduce switch latency to 500 nanoseconds. Other features include software and hardware zoning, and self-configuring ports. Pricing has not been determined.


This article was originally published on November 01, 1999