DG ships fault-tolerant DLT array

DG ships fault-tolerant DLT array

Data General`s DLT Array 7000+ subsystem combines Quantum DLT7000 drive technology and a RAIT (redundant array of independent tape) controller from Ultera Systems for high-performance, high-availability data storage. At 40MBps, the 7000+ provides twice the performance of previous DG DLTtape arrays, with up to 280GB of compressed capacity.

The integrated RAIT controller supports a variety of configurations through a single Ultra SCSI-3 host connection. RAID-1 mirrors data across one or two pairs of DLT7000 drives, while RAID-3 stripes data and parity information across three or five DLT7000 drives for a data transfer rate of up to 144GB per hour. RAID-3 provides fault-tolerance in the event of drive or media failure. For additional protection, the array has N+1 cooling fans and optional N+1 power supplies.

The DLT Array 7000 is available in deskside and rackmount configurations with two-, three-, four-, and five-drive configurations.


This article was originally published on November 01, 1999