StorageTek debuts Aegis architecture

StorageTek debuts Aegis architecture

Dubbed Aegis (as in the shield of Zeus), StorageTek`s new tape library family includes mixed-media units specifically designed for storage area network (SAN) environments. The L700, the first in the series, supports up to 12 STK 9840 or 20 Quantum DLT/SuperDLT drives and is expected to support 20 Ultrium LTO drives when that technology becomes available next year. The library is also expected to support native Fibre Channel 9840 drives by the end of the year.

The L700 provides up to 27.6TB of capacity and allows for hot-swapping of drives, fans, and power supplies for 24x7 operation. Additional features include integration space for hubs, bridges, and switches or for an ACSLS server for file sharing. Compatible with Unix and Windows NT, the library supports Computer Associates` Unicenter TNG and HP`s OpenView and is being certified for Tivoli NetView. Pricing starts at $77,100.


This article was originally published on November 01, 1999