Sony re-launches DTF-2

Sony re-launches DTF-2

Last month, Sony announced plans to begin shipping a revamped DTF-2 (Digital Tape Format) drive in February. The GY-8240 is reportedly four times faster, with twice the capacity, than the second-generation model exhibited at last year`s Comdex.

There are some notable differences in the newest version of DTF-2. For example, the drive has a 24MBps sustained transfer rate (40MBps burst over Ultra Wide SCSI) and a 200GB native capacity on a large tape (60GB native on a small tape)--about 5x the capacity of DTF-1 (the GY-2120).

The drive also features Sony`s Tele-File System, which reduces load/unload/access times by storing tape and system management data on non-contact flash memory. The system also enables mid-point loading and loading/unloading at any point on the tape. The use of advanced metal particle tape media improves data reliability and ensures read-compatibility with first-generation drives.

The GY-8240 series comes in two models. The GY-8240UWD features an Ultra Wide Differential SCSI interface; the GY-8240FC has a Fibre Channel interface. Both can be used in storage area networks (SANs) and can be integrated into Sony`s PetaSite libraries for more than 11 petabytes of native capacity.

Sony is positioning the GY-8240 for applications such as backup and restore, digital archiving, seismic processing, and data acquisition.

Pricing has not been announced.


This article was originally published on November 01, 1999