StorActive provides continuous backup

StorActive provides continuous backup

StorActive recently began shipments of LiveBackup 1.0, a client/server backup and retrieval package for Windows 95/98 and NT laptop and desktop systems. LiveBackup provides continuous, real-time client backup, whether the PCs are connected to the network or not.

The software`s features are highlighted by Automatic File Discrimination (AFD) technology, which enables IT staff to roll back entire systems to a previously known good condition. AFD deciphers between system files and user document files, and is able to repair problems without rolling back user documents.

Client Backup Consultant is free software, downloadable from www.storactive.com/CBC, that serves as a companion deployment tool for LiveBackup to determine server disk requirements, or vault size, for storing a network`s protected distributed data using LiveBackup. Pricing for LiveBackup starts at $129 per client, and $5,000 per server.


This article was originally published on November 01, 1999