Intelligent Solutions offers bundled SANs

Intelligent Solutions offers bundled SANs

Ranging in price from $59,900 to $225,000, Intelligent Solutions is bundling pre-tested storage area network (SAN) configurations based on hardware and software from a number of vendors. The configurations include 8-port and 16-port SANbox Fibre Channel switches from Ancor Communications; Emulex`s LightPulse LP8000 host bus adapters; IBM GBICs; and Intelligent Solutions` AccuRAID-II disk arrays, which are based on Digi-Data controllers. High-end configurations include Sony`s DTF-2 Fibre Channel tape drives.

At the low end, a workgroup configuration priced at $59,900 (lease: $1,860 per month) includes one 8-port switch, four adapters, eight GBICs, a 200GB array, cabling, and drivers. A high-end configuration ($225,000) includes a 16-port switch, 12 host bus adapters, 12 GBICs, two AccuRAID-II arrays, a Sun Ultra 60 server, nine-cassette DTF tape library, and Legato Networker software.


This article was originally published on December 01, 1999