Hitachi unveils 10,000rpm drives

Hitachi unveils 10,000rpm drives

Hitachi America Ltd. recently began sample shipments of 10,000rpm, 3.5-inch hard disk drives. The drives come in three models: the DK31CJ-72 is a 1.6-inch-tall, 73.9GB drive, while the 1-inch DK32CJ-36 and DK32CJ-18 models hold 36.9GB and 18.4GB, respectively. The 12-platter, 23-head 73.9GB drive has an average read seek time of 5.7msec; the 36.9GB and 18.4GB models average 5.2msec. Average drive latency of the three models is 2.99msec.

Even with the fast disk rotation rate, the drives consume less power, which makes them better suited for servers and high-end workstations. Each of the drives will be available with either a 100MBps Fibre Channel or 160MBps Ultra160 SCSI interface. OEM pricing varies depending on quantity. Production shipments are expected next quarter.


This article was originally published on December 01, 1999