Tandberg, Imation ship VR<SUP>2</SUP>

Tandberg, Imation ship VR2

SLR drives, media Extending the migration path of its SLR (Scalable Linear Recording) tape drive line, Tandberg Data this month expects to begin shipping next-generation SLR100 drives. The 5.25-inch half-height drive has a 50GB native capacity and a 5MBps transfer rate. Imation, which is co-marketing the drive with Tand-berg, also announced availability this month of SLR100 media.

Of the drive`s new features, perhaps most significant is its implementation of VR2 (Variable Rate Randomizer) technology, which was developed by Overland Data and licensed to Tandberg in 1998. VR2, an advanced PRML (Partial Response Maximum Likelihood) recording format, significantly increases the native capacity and transfer rate of linear tape technologies without requiring changes to the tape path design, recording heads, or media.

The SLR100 also features a variable data transfer rate with an "auto-sense" feature that enables the drive to adjust its speed to that of the host. An 8MB buffer and in-line compression further minimize backup/restore time.

Other features include a single-ended SCSI LVD interface; six-channel thin-film MR heads that simultaneously write four tracks; and improved error correction (ECC blocks are striped over four tracks).

The expected retail price is $1,995 for the drive, and $79 per cartridge.

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This article was originally published on December 01, 1999