Veritas announces Windows 2000 suites

Veritas announces Windows 2000 suites

Veritas Software recently updated its Backup Exec and Network Storage Executive (NSE) suites to operate in Windows 2000 environments. Backup Exec protects Microsoft`s Distributed File System, including the data required to restore the DFS link to the remote network volume. The updated version backs up the Windows 2000 operating system, including the system state and file-system changes such as disk quotas, encrypted files and re-parse points utilized by Volume Mount Points, Directory Junctions and Remote Storage Services. Backup Exec transparently backs up Volume Mount Points and Directory Junctions by traversing files through the disk or directory path to protect data that may physically reside on local or remote machines.

The Backup Exec NSE suite is designed to collaborate multiple, independent Backup Exec servers to provide a central administrative point. The NSE GUI snaps into the Microsoft Management Console and helps increase efficiency and reduce management costs by centralizing administration so that each server doesn`t have to be backed up individually.

Veritas Backup Exec for Windows 2000 pricing was not available at press time. NSE has a suggested price of $4,995.


This article was originally published on December 01, 1999