Cloud Leverage offers cloud storage for a nickel per GB

By Kevin Komiega

-- The newest entrant in the cloud storage market, Cloud Leverage, claims to offer "enterprise-grade" cloud storage at a cost of $.05 per gigabyte, per data center without data transfer or bandwidth charges.  

Cloud Leverage serves up its storage through a network of 32 data centers across the globe, on top of which the company offers cloud acceleration, cloud DNS and cloud IPS/firewall technology. 

Cloud Leverage's storage service includes security measures such as SSL on data in transit, AES on data at rest, rights management for user access to files, and screening of credentials for the employees who have access to the datacenter and the cloud

The acceleration technology also allows the Cloud Leverage storage infrastructure to act as a content delivery network (CDN), according to Jonathan Hoppe, Cloud Leverage's president and CTO.

Hoppe says customers can choose how many sites house their data by spreading it across as many as nine geographic locations for better redundancy and faster access.

"The cloud should be in more than one location because there is redundancy, security and performance with multiple locations," says Hoppe.

The Cloud Leverage storage solution also features a fully-functional REST API, native Windows desktop support and a Windows Sync client, a WebDAV client for Linux and Mac as well as mobile clients for Blackberry, Windows Mobile and iPhone. It also includes a deleted file recovery capability, CDN publishable URL and full branding for partners and resellers.

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This article was originally published on February 22, 2010