Startup offers recovery services for midrange companies

By Kevin Komiega

-- Recovery service provider (RSP) Simply Continuous today unveiled data and application recovery services for mid-market customers.

The new services include Data Recovery Vault (for data) and AppAlive (for applications). Data Recovery Vault and AppAlive integrate into existing backup infrastructures and allow companies to peer into their data through a Web portal that allows users to monitor, browse or restore files.

The Simply Continuous recovery architecture combines a variety of technologies, including data compression, data deduplication, network acceleration, encryption, off-site monitoring and recovery processes.  The services automatically and continuously replicate data and virtualized application images.

Data Recovery Vault employs more than 1,300 sensors to actively monitor the service infrastructure so data sets are ready to be recovered when and if needed.

AppAlive captures current images of applications, stores them and provides customers with a hosted recovery environment for virtualized applications.

Tom Frangione, Simply Continuous' CEO, says mid-market customers are facing a "recovery gap."

"Large enterprises have the skills and resources to set up a second data center and deliver recovery services themselves. On the lower end, small businesses are avoiding tape altogether and that's where the Mozys of the world come in," says Frangione. "Mid-market customers have large data sets to manage, but we don't foresee many of them adding additional resources to manage those data sets. They are caught in the middle."

Simply Continuous is backed by $10 million in funding from Greylock Partners and already has a big partner in its pocket. Last fall, the company announced a partnership with Data Domain under which Simply Continuous offers an offsite data protection service called Data Protect Vault for Data Domain.

Simply Continuous uses Data Domain's deduplication storage systems to replicate data offsite. In the event of an outage, customers can recover individual files remotely or, in the event of a site disaster, request a replacement Data Domain appliance to be shipped to the recovery site.

Cost of the services is typically less than the combination of tape backup and offsite storage, according to Frangione.

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This article was originally published on June 24, 2009