Riverbed optimizes bandwidth for EMC SRDF

By Kevin Komiega

-- WAN optimization specialist Riverbed Technology (NASDAQ:RVBD) today announced version 6.1 of the Riverbed Optimization System (RiOS), which includes a set of new storage networking optimization techniques that improve data reduction and throughput for EMC's SRDF replication technology.

Riverbed senior product marketing manager, Joe Ghory, says the storage enhancements in RiOS 6.1 are squarely focused on EMC and the SRDF/A protocol, the remote replication software used by EMC's highest-end devices.

"We are going beyond basic network-level optimization by tuning RiOS for SRDF/A. We were getting a bandwidth reduction of about 4:1, but now have a better understanding of SRDF traffic and have improved the bandwidth reduction to 30:1," Ghory claims.

RiOS 6.1 also features a new auto-negotiate compression feature for SRDF and a series of FCIP optimizations for traffic over Brocade's 7500 and Cisco's MDS gateways that speed FCIP traffic to and across the network on both a protocol and network level.

In addition to the storage networking enhancements, RiOS 6.1 includes optimization enhancements for Lotus Notes 8.5 and a range of Microsoft suites, including Exchange 2010, SharePoint, and Microsoft Online for SharePoint and Exchange.

According to Ghory, RiOS 6.1 boasts latency optimization and data reduction improvements for both encrypted and unencrypted Exchange 2010 traffic, delivering data reductions up to 95%. 

For SharePoint, RiOS 6.1 accelerates traffic at both the network and application layers to eliminate unnecessary round trips associated with SharePoint authentication requests. Ghory claims Riverbed's Steelhead appliances now reduce application latency and response times by up to 50% more than previous web acceleration found in RiOS.

RiOS 6.1 also optimizes Microsoft cloud-based services, including both encrypted and unencrypted traffic for Exchange Online and Layer 7 application acceleration for SharePoint Online. 

Lastly, RiOS now accelerates encrypted traffic for Lotus Notes 8.5 and provides latency optimization for Domino Server and Notes Client replication.

RiOS 6.1 is available free of charge to customers with active support contracts, and is shipping with Riverbed's Steelhead WAN optimization appliances.

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This article was originally published on June 07, 2010