Procedo ships any-to-any migration software

By Kevin Komiega

-- Data migration software vendor Procedo is set to ship the third generation of its Procedo Archive Migration Manager (PAMM) Suite with a set of enhancements designed to streamline the movement and management of archived data from one storage platform to another.

The PAMM Suite is an 'any-to-any' archive migration tool that supports automated data movement between heterogeneous storage, archive and cloud computing platforms and applications.

The latest version of PAMM includes a centralized management and reporting system that tracks and validates the progress and completion of migration projects. The software also features clustering capabilities to reduce system bottlenecks and eliminate points of failure.

At the heart of the system is the PAMM Core, which uses a SQL Server database to track all relevant object information and maintain chain of custody between all supported environments. E-mail messages and attachments that are moved by PAMM maintain full original message content and digital signature as they are migrated.

PAMM also uses application-specific migration modules called Archive Transfer Agents (ATAs) to pull data out of old archive systems and move them to newer platforms.

The software currently supports data migration to and from a variety of storage platforms from Procedo’s partners, including NetApp, Symantec Enterprise Vault, EMC EmailXtender and Centera, Dell, Hitachi Content Archive Platform, Autonomy Corp/Zantaz EAS, and CommVault in addition to HP's Integrated Archive Platform and NTFS-based file systems.

The PAMM Suite also features on-premise data archive migrations to the cloud in partnership with services offered by LiveOffice and Dell's MessageOne. Historical tape recovery and .PST migrations are additionally supported by Procedo’s ATAs.

Procedo will begin shipping the PAMM software suite this month. List pricing starts at $5,000 per TB of migrated data.

Procedo’s CEO, Joseph Kvidera, believes legal, regulatory and business requirements will become more stringent over the coming years, creating the need for longer-term data retention policies and, subsequently, a bigger market opportunity for companies like Procedo.

“There is a common theme running through the industry that the amount of time required for data retention is continuing to grow. Some of our customers are simply planning to keep all of their data forever,” he says.

According to Kvidera, there is one simple fact in the world of archiving – archived data will outlive its respective storage platforms and applications and will eventually need to be moved to newer systems.

“Migrating from one archiving platform to the next is not a trivial exercise and many customers do not know what they have, let alone know how to securely migrate their data,” says Kvidera.

Industry researchers at the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) estimate that organizations will archive more than 90,000PB of e-mail and file information in the next three years.

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This article was originally published on February 03, 2009